Chapter One: Introduction


Don't Worry, This Won´t Become A Book Or Something. I Just Wanted To Talk A Bit About My Brand, My Online Store, The Website, And The Way Until Now.

So Hi, My Name Is Calvin. I Am The Designer, Manager, And Owner Of The Minigma Online Shop. I Am Behind Everything, The Designs, Products And Every Typo, It All Came From Me.

My Story:

My Story Is Told Quite Fast. I Went To Elementary School, High School And The Got Into Job School Where I Am Currently At. I Am Also Working In A Job Where I Repair Motorbikes. I Started This Store First On Etsy, Made A Few Products, And Learned The Basics. Now I Have My Own Online Store. It All Started With An TikTok Where Somebody Told Me About This Sidehustle. I Quickly Tried It But Was A Bit Sad, Because I Was To Ambitions With My Dreams. But Over Time, I Started To Like Designing And Marketing It. It Became Kind Of My Hoby.

My Goals:

I Have Many Goals For This Shop. A Few Of Them Is Getting Better At Designing, Get Better Products, More Traffic, Sales, And Maybe Get A Nice Side hustle.

What Will Happen In This Blog?

I Will Try To Answer Questions About My Products, Sharing Stories And Important Events And Ideas With You, And Keep You Updated In Everything That Happens With The Shop.


So, Be Patient For BlogPost #2 And May Be Browse Around The Shop A Bit

Until Then, I Wish You All A Good Time And Stay Healthy


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